Concept of The Sky Below

Well, it’s a little late, but better late than never. I would like to introduce the concept, the core inspiration of our latest main collection The Sky Below. It all began when I happened to see a documentary about high-rise construction workers and the huge dangers of their job they take on a daily basis. It moved me to a lot of thinking, and I got caught up in trying to fathom the feeling of “floating” high in the air, almost living up there, above the cities and landscapes. And then I stumbled across a wonderful song by Berry Weight and Astrid Engberg – Sky below. The song and the melody described the feeling I was trying to find perfectly, so the title also became the namesake for the collection.

I became fascinated with the steel structures in the high-rise construction, the skeletons of the buildings, which hold the whole, but especially the shapes and lines of towers and bridges. Those were later incorporated in the geometrical details and angular cuts which are the red line of the collection. The airy, floating feeling of being above the clouds is reflected in the choice of fabrics – soft wool and knits and thin, flowy and transparent chiffon.  The fabrics contrast nicely with the pointy shapes but strive to achieve a precarious balance together.

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The Sky Below

I would like to introduce our newest main collection: The Sky Below. It will be available in our Etsy shop starting tomorrow. As usual, I will be uploading more of the background story of how this theme came to be in the following days. Right now I will just reveal that it has to do with high-rise construction and architectural steel structures. In contrast to the Artinatural line it is going to be very geometrical and straight-lined. Check out our shop!

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Some sketches

Some pretty rough sketches of what is to come in the party wear line. look forward to it and check out our shops!

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It’s coming!

Finally, we had the photo-shoot for our party line on Tuesday, and also the one for the newest main collection yesterday! Both times it was really cold and the styling took a lot of time but our amazing models Katharina and Anna Maria weren’t fazed by it in the least and proved real toughness easily posing by 5°C in a thin layer of a party dress! Girls with guts!:) Thanks a huge lot you two! Both of you are gorgeous!


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The person in my mind

This is about the persona behind our newest evening attire collection, AFTER=BEFORE. The woman who came to our mind is confident, free of complexes and perfectly at peace with her own unique personality. Her motto is “Why play pretending, when it’s much better to just accept yourself as you are?” She knows how to have fun and likes going her own way. That’s why she won’t forgo comfort even when it concerns her party outfit. She would definitely refuse a constricting corset or a material which feels scratchy and rough. Her appearance is casually sexy, sometimes a little rough around the edges – because she rather likes to speak her mind – but does not loose her feminine charm in the least.

And, yes, Lykke Li was a great inspiration for this collection – I absolutely love her music, and she has such an amazing natural glam flair! It feels a little lazy with a touch of freaky, a little dark but not depressing, and somehow very honest, like she isn’t faking anything. She is truly a great artist and singer.

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Some mood…

Finally, here i am again! (And terribly sorry for not updating for so long *hangs head in shame*) It has been (and still is) amazingly busy at our little workplace lately. The production of the winter collection and the evening line doesn’t leave us a moment for a breather.

So here is a little piece of mood for the AFTER=BEFORE evening line. I think a morning after a really good party gives off a special kind of atmosphere, unlike the normal days. When you know you can laze around in bed some more, slowly taking in the light patterns reflected on the walls and the damage you created on your way to bed. Your eyes are still bleary, and the shapes and patterns melt together, reminding you of the glimmer of sequins and disco lights. And I just know, there will be many who will realize they have fallen asleep still dressed in their party clothes:)

So we decided we would apply that feeling of nonchalance, laziness and disarrangement to our collection. Look forward to what will come out of it!:)

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Concept of “AFTER=BEFORE”

Like I mentioned before, our evening wear collection is in process! This time our inspiration came from the moments after the party. Therefore, we wrote a short story – more like a snapshot of a time period.

After the party is before the party…

…When she stumbles out of the club to the last rhythms of the night, she rubs her eyes to adjust to the non-blinking lights around her, smearing her smudged eyeliner even more. It bothers her just as little as the strap of her dress slipping off one shoulder or the slightly ripped hem because of all the dancing she indulged in during the night. Moving the hair away from her face she struggles with the contents of her clutch trying to fish out the mobile. The realization of having a few drinks too much dawns on her, when the dialing of a taxi number proves to be a bit more difficult than usual. Deciding to take a break, she kicks off her heels and grimaces with the sharp pain in her already aching feet. Walking over to a building near the club, she takes a seat on the pavement, leaning on the wall. Fumbling in her clutch again – this time searching for a cigarette, she feels the cold for the first time. Small and crunchy snowflakes start to fall, landing on her head and shoulders. She wraps the coat tighter around herself, takes a smoke and tries to dial the number again.

It takes a few tries to put the key into the keyhole without dropping it. The clutch and the shoes are dropped carelessly in the foyer, the coat following after. She forgoes a glance in the mirror for the sake of her peace of mind – or whatever it is that makes her feel so relaxed, languid and calm right now. She stumbles through the dark apartment with the only destination in her mind – the bed. Her body falls in a heap onto the soft blanket, completely boneless and apparently having a mind of its own. Through the alcohol- and music-induced fog a blurry thought of being still fully dressed occurs to her. The last shred of conscience forces her to reach for the zipper on her back and she manages to pull it halfway open, before completely giving in to the fatigue. The snowfall outside increases, crispy white snowflakes accumulate on the rim of the bedroom  window. Some shards of a broken wine bottle which slowly disappear under the snow glisten gently in the dulled street light. The partly open pale curtains allow for a soft illumination of the nightstand near the bed, just enough to spot some flyers for a party next Saturday.

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Birds around…

There is a small river in the middle of our town proudly containing a decent population of ducks:) Especially this year they managed to enrich the landscape with an unusually HUGE lot of unbelievably cute ducklings. Thus, right now, they all are grown up and we have a really, really impressive amount of ducks swimming around!

I took most of the pictures this spring. Yesterday, walking along the river I saw all the ducks resting along the riverbank and remembered those photos. So I decided they would make a nice reminder of the warmer days:)

A couple in the middle of a mating dance! They circled around each other, kept diving and picking something from the ground and accomplished all of this amazingly synchronized!

And this one I took yesterday – the duck family resting (sorry for the poor quality, I had to take it with my phone):

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New collection: evening attire!

A lot of holidays is coming up, and we are going to launch a small evening attire line! It will contain a couple of sleek and elegant gowns to wear to a Christmas ball as well as one or another bold party dress; something for a more wild and “casual” New Years party and a nice selection of matching accessories.

The collection will be available at the end of October under the name “AFTER=BEFORE” in our Etsy and Dawanda shops. In the meanwhile I will keep you up to date with the developement here on the blog:)

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Just a sketch

Just a sketch for Artinatural. Made on a whim:)

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